You can hear him coming. The grunting and smashing of everything in his path will make your hair stand on end. He’s coming to defend his domain against all other bulls and those who are trying to challenge him. It gives you the feeling of fear and excitement all in one.

Moose hunting in the peak of rut is the most exciting adrenaline rush you could imagine.
By boat or canoe, along the lake and river, calling a bull is a very effective method.

All of our Moose camps are accessed by airplane or Argos on tracks. This gives our hunters access to the most remote hunting areas where most of the game has never seen man before. Most of our moose camps are on lakes stocked with Great Northern Pike and Walleye. We provide comfortable cabin and wall tent camping at it’s best!

All moose hunts are fair chase with 2 on 1 guides (1 on 1 guiding is available for an additional charge).

Bow or rifle moose hunts include transport to camp from Edmonton International Airport, Guides, Food and Lodging.

September/ October hunt dates

Hunt Fee: $12,600 USD
Tag/Licence Fee: $600 USD

Fly-In hunts are also available – please contact us for further information

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